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Always Be Creating

From the start, Skye has had a love and appreciation for art — playing the banjo and traveling in a family band, learning mural-painting from his father, and eventually doing professional work in graphic design. “I’m passionate about art,” he says, “always have been since I could hold a crayon.”



These days, most of Skye’s focus is on large-scale, eye-catching murals with some graphic design work on the side. “Like all artists, you always want to make it better,” he says, “which is what I strive to do with each mural I paint.” He creates works all across the country, and has even had the opportunity to do installations abroad. While the scale and intensity of the work can be mentally taxing, Skye always aspires to bring his vision to life to his utmost ability.



He can’t escape this energy even in his downtime, when he continues to create and ideate . His family is also a source of inspiration, in particular his young niece whose excitement for art helps reinvigorate Skye when he’s feeling unmotivated . He still remembers to take a step back on occasion, whether that’s for a great surf session to unwind or kicking back with a crisp Strainge Beast to savor a finished mural.


Location: Encinitas, CA

Favorite Sierra Beverage: Strainge Beast Watermelon, Sea Salt, Lime & Mint