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What is Hard Kombucha?

Kombucha starts with tea leaves and water, but it’s no mellow cup of herbs. Through a fermentation frenzy—a thrashing culture of bacteria and yeast—kombucha emerges bright and bubbly, winning taste buds with a refreshing tang.

Strainge Beast hard kombucha takes an extra step: a second round of fermentation creates alcohol, adding even more depth to an enchanting brew.

Our Fermentation Frenzy

Hard kombucha, like regular kombucha, builds upon the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast), which lays the tart, sweet groundwork for additional ingredients. The bacteria and yeast are symbiotic, a tag-team working together during the first round of fermentation to transform sugar into alcohol, then turn that alcohol into natural, tangy acids. (It’s secondary fermentation that brings alcohol back into the mix!)

After exploring numerous cultures, we discovered the perfect SCOBY, and it’s exclusive to Strainge Beast. No one unlocks this frenzy but us, and its aromas, flavors, and balance are unmatched.

Our Organic Ingredients

Stroll the aisles of a farmers market, and most every basket or bundle on display can inspire hard kombucha. Clever combinations of lush fruits, punchy spices, and fragrant herbs can summon altogether new flavors—can stir up something Strainge.

And it matters where the ingredients start. (It’s everything, really.) Our Oregon Tilth organic certification links Strainge Beast hard kombucha with passionate growers dedicated to quality, sustainable food. Only the best conjures a Beast.

illustration of fruit basket

Our Brewing Process

With abundant care and quick reflexes—gotta dodge those snapping teeth—we craft each hard kombucha over 2-3 weeks.


Boil filtered water, add organic loose-leaf tea, and let the mixture steep


Add organic sugar, stirring until dissolved


Strain the tea and allow the cooling liquid to reach room temperature


Unleash the SCOBY, aided by “starter liquid”—reserves from a prior batch of kombucha—to kick-start primary fermentation


Launch a secondary fermentation with fresh yeast and organic sugar to reach 7% ABV


Feed the living creature a harvest of organic fruits, spices, and herbs


At last, we meet a new Strainge Beast

  • No heat for Beasts

    Always Keep It Cold

    You see them sway and snap—these Strainge Beasts are alive. Our Strainge Beast hard kombucha contains the bacteria and yeast from the brewing process, and those cultures ensure the taste stays at its prime.

    These tiny guardians of flavor love the cold; keeping Strainge Beast refrigerated maintains the kombucha’s delicious balance. So look for it behind the cooler doors at your favorite store.

Where Does it All Begin

Kombucha Origins

Let us tell you a story about kombucha. Because that’s all there is: a story. With no exact roots, kombucha is often traced to Asia where, thousands of years ago, one popular legend describes alchemists brewing a “tea of immortality” for Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang.

This mystery elixir found its way across continents and down generations, with recipes and starter cultures (the frenzy!) passed along like sourdough bread.

Kombucha might feel like a new wave, but it’s woven deeply into history.

plant illustration

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